Thursday, October 01, 2009


THANKS for stopping by! first off though... have any of you read the post by john K "Does Everybody Want To Be A Character Designer?" it's a pretty good article, but it kinda trashes Total Drama Island (which is the show i am currently working on) I guess i'm not that suprised it is so criticised since it isn't done traditionally.. however i am a bit suprised that so many people agreed and thought it was bad. I personally love the designs, and i'm sure the intention is to take them as far as you can within your scene, however there's no time or money to make it like we'd all like to. Anyway. some interesting discussion over there.. I'll post some more of my posing stuff from Total Drama. (just gotta figure out how far along is it on the tele)

Above is some personal work.. its a concept i came up with while stuck inside sick all week. hope you like it!